Energy efficiency makes good business sense

Contrary to outmoded perceptions that energy efficiency is "for greenies", today there are many reasons why businesses are placing a focus on becoming energy efficient.

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Contrary to outmoded perceptions that energy efficiency is "just for greenies", today there as many reasons why businesses are placing a focus on becoming energy efficient as there are different kinds of businesses.

Regardless of your goals, reviewing the efficiency of energy consumption is becoming increasingly commonplace as it makes better business sense.

It’s therefore unsurprising that more industry and government initiatives have become accessible to support business efficiency practices. Some key resources include:

  1. The Energy Efficiency Exchange is a national joint initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments administered by the Department of Industry and Science. The website supports the implementation of energy efficiency practices and shares best-practice information on energy efficiency, case studies and resource materials from Australia and overseas.
  2. AIG’s (Australian Industry Group) series of short videos features energy efficiency, optimisation and management as well as an energy calculator.
  3. NSW’s Energy Saver program helps businesses identify energy saving opportunities, access funding and assists with project management and training.
  4. Victoria’s Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable, contribute to greenhouse gas reduction and encourages investment in energy efficiency goods and services.
  5. The Government of SA’s energy efficiency information, advice and programs.

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On our part, AGL remains committed to helping businesses become more efficient, through practical guidance around different technologies:

Power Factor Correction: Why pay for energy that can’t be used?

For instance, many customers aren’t aware that – as well as the power that is used in equipment (real power) –  a site may draw power that is not directly used (reactive power). The combination of the two is known as apparent power. Power Factor is the relationship between real and apparent power (kVA). If your site has a poor power factor, you could be paying for energy that cannot be used.

The AGL Electroserv team of experts specialise in helping our clients reduce kVA. By designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing Power Factor Correction equipment nationally, we are able to extend the life of your equipment, ensure compliance with regulatory codes, or ensuring that more power is available for site expansion without the need for new switchboards and cabling.

Operational Energy Management: Converting building data into actionable items

From human behaviour to software faults and less than efficient hardware, there are many factors that contribute to potential energy wastage in commercial buildings – unless they are regularly monitored and expertly analysed.

That’s where OEM – a set of technologies and processes that identify anomalies as they occur, analyses the cause and reports back to the building manager to have them rectified – comes in. OEM works by converting a building’s data into actionable items. AGL has a dedicated team of OEM experts who aim to address this energy wastage and ensure every building we monitor is fully optimised.

If you’re interested learning about more ways to reduce your business’s energy consumption, contact AGL today.

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