What will the connected home look like in 10 years?

The connected home of the future isn't just about the convenience of appliance control - it's about playing it smart when it comes to energy efficiency.

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Turning on the lights with your smartphone is a cool party trick, but the real potential of the connected home lies with energy efficiency.

A truly smart home will turn off the lights when you’re not at home, take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, adjust your thermostat and even close the shades on a hot day.

At home with automation

Many internet-enabled devices, such as smart thermostats, offer a glimpse of what’s to come, checking the daily weather forecast and optimising your heating and cooling for the layout of your home.

Home automation also means you have a central ‘smart’ hub, which interacts with a wide range of household devices from fridges and dishwashers to smoke alarms and security systems. It’s the glue that binds your smart devices into a truly smart home and connects them to the outside world.

Smart thinking and living

Rather than just relaying your commands, smart homes will learn your habits so they can make smart decisions on your behalf while you’re asleep, at work or away on holidays. They’ll also take advantage of smart meters to optimise your energy usage day and night.

Forget to kill the lights when you leave for work and your smart home can turn them off for you. Head to the snow for a long weekend and it can ensure the heating doesn’t kick in on a cold morning when no-one’s home.

Future savings

A smart home keeps working for you in the dead of night, such as cutting the power to some appliances to reduce standby mode “vampire power” wastage. Other appliances like washing machines, dryers and dishwashers might run at odd hours to take advantage of off-peak power rates or solar energy.

The connected home of the future isn’t just about the convenience of controlling your appliances from the couch; it’s about playing it smart when it comes to energy efficiency.


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