Surprising ways to simplify your life with technology

Simplifying your life may help you to save more time and energy for the things you enjoy.

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Trying to stay on top of your bills, work responsibilities and family commitments can be time consuming. Here are some surprising ways to simplify your life with technology.

You might sometimes wonder if technology adds to your life or if it makes it more complicated? Perhaps there are more applications, buttons and noises to get distracted by, but it can also simplify your daily life, if you know how to use it to its full potential.

While we all try our best to keep up with everything we’ve got on – and find time to socialise and look after ourselves too, it can be hard to balance it all.

Here are some surprising ways to simplify your life with technology, leaving you to spend time on the things you enjoy.

There’s no place like a smart home

In a smart home, all kinds of  appliances and devices connect to the internet and each other. A smart home design can help you save time on everyday tasks by automating functions around the house. It can give you remote and hands-free control over your home’s smart devices through clever tech like apps and voice activation.

The key is choosing smart products that fit your lifestyle and save you time and energy.

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Energy management

Accidentally left the heating on after leaving a room? Smart devices for electric heating and cooling in your home, like the Sensibo Sky, can help turn the heating or cooling off automatically when it’s not needed. These devices can also help you save energy by setting timers and temperature triggers so that you don’t overheat or cool your space.

By connecting your heating and cooling to smart home devices you can also monitor your energy use. If you’re an AGL electricity customer you can also set up your Google Home or Alexa voice assistant to instantly check your account balance, energy usage and bill due date, hands-free.

Smart lighting

With smart lighting, you might be able to save more energy. If you leave your lights on, you can turn them off with an app or voice control. Set timers to go on automatically when it gets dark to avoid any trips or hazards. For ambiance, you can also upgrade to bulbs that change colour on command.

Whether you’re reading, listening to music, or having a romantic meal, add a bit of ambiance by choosing the colour of your lights.

Smart refrigeration

The world of technology moves quickly. Did you know that refrigerators can now do more than just keep your food fresh and chilled?

With new smart technology, fridges can now tell you what’s fresh or outdated and what to cook for dinner. Time to monitor leftovers more closely! See the ingredients in your fridge on the outside panel, without opening the door, saving any indoor air from escaping and potentially your energy bills.

For those of you who are super tech-savvy, you can even watch the footy live on your fridge and add things to your to-do lists whilst you’re in the kitchen. These devices are something to aspire to for the future!

Mother and young daughter cooking together in their home kitchen

Chores no more

As technology advances, we can use it to try to simplify our lives – or, just to have a bit of fun.  From cleaning without getting off the couch to restaurant quality meals at home, these technology hacks you need to know about.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Is vacuuming the last thing on your mind? Well, you’re in luck. Let a robot vacuum cleaner take the task of cleaning your floors and get precious time back!

Powered by a rechargeable battery, these cordless machines can learn their way around your room using sensors and cameras. Find out which vacuum may suit your home and needs the best.

Woman turning on robotic vacuum cleaner in her living room

Smart washing machine

Wondering what a smart washing machine is and whether it could help to simplify your life? Many smart washing machines offer the capability to start or pause a wash from your smartphone – giving you the ability to control your wash on your way home or from anywhere in the house.

If something goes wrong, your companion washing machine app may be able to help you to self-diagnose the issue (or equally, let you know when to leave it to the professionals). Most have troubleshooting tips built into the app, and some can even walk you through a fix, step by step.

Programmable pet feeder

Does feeding your pet take up time or headspace in your daily routine? If you have to travel overnight or even want to make your routine a little easier, then a programmable pet feeder technology may give you peace of mind. With automatic food dispensers, timers, and recording microphones to talk to your pet, our pets can have the ultimate fine dining experience.

Food delivery & ready-made meals

If you’re looking for new recipe inspiration or you just can’t find the time and energy to drive to the grocery store, shop and cook meals from scratch, then you might like to try these options:

  • Click & collect: Most supermarkets offer an option to order your groceries online and pick them up in a time slot that suits you. Save hours walking down the aisles, and more accuracy with your budget & shopping list.
  • Fresh meal kit delivery: Take out the hassle of planning your meals by choosing meal box’s that offer recipe ideas and meal plans. Just choose the recipe’s you want to try, and services such as Hello Fresh & Marley Spoon deliver the quality ingredients straight to your door, in perfect portion sizes.
  • Ready-made-meals: For simple and delicious meals, and to save time cooking, many companies offer a week’s worth of ready-made meals delivered straight to your door. Working late, or too busy with life commitments, these options provide a simple solution for anyone that is time poor.
  • Food delivery apps: What did we do before the world of food delivery? One of the easiest ways to save time is to order through food delivery apps that deliver ready to eat meals at the touch of your fingertips. Apps like MenuLog, Uber Eats and Deliveroo are perfect for when you want some great takeout, but you don’t want to go out to get it!
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