Energy efficiency in your new home

Windows to hot water, lighting to shade - use our helpful list of energy efficiency tips to reduce your gas and electricity usage in your new home.

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There’s a lot to think about when you’re setting up your new home, but one thing many people forget about is energy efficiency. Here are some easy ways to get smarter about your energy consumption.


Windows can cause your home to lose up to 40% of its heat in winter and gain up to 87% of its heat in summer. Lighter coloured blinds are best in the summer months because they deflect the heat back outside, while darker blinds absorb the heat, warming up the room. During winter, heavy or layered curtains come in handy by increasing the insulation in your home while decreasing the amount of heat that escapes through your windows.

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Surrounding your home with plants not only creates a more tranquil and relaxing environment but they can also work wonders when it comes to reducing your energy usage at home. Deciduous plants (those that shed their leaves annually) are great in particular because they shelter your home from the sun’s heat during summer but let warmth in during winter.

Hot water

Heating water in your home takes a lot of energy – in fact, it can contribute up to 30% of your home energy use. Installing a water-efficient shower head can help to minimise the amount of hot water you’re using in your home.


Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is an easy way to reduce the amount of energy that you use. Replace the light globes in your house with energy-efficient bulbs such as LEDs – they can last 20-25 times longer than typical halogen bulbs. Using lamps is also a great way to use less power because you’re only lighting the spaces that you need.

Weather sealing

Up to 25% of household heat loss is caused by air draughts from improper seals. It’s a great idea to go through your new home and check the seals on all doors and windows for any gaps. Draughts can be a real problem in older homes and eliminating them is key to maintaining a comfortable temperature without spending a fortune on heating and cooling.

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