Door knocking at home: a guide to your rights

Not sure what to say to salespeople who turn up at your home? We’ve prepared a checklist, so you know your rights and feel confident to ask the right questions.

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You may have noticed our absence from your doorstep. That’s because, at AGL, we’re not going to drop by your home unannounced.

Not sure what to say to salespeople who turn up at your home unexpectedly? Or maybe you’ve simply had enough of unwanted visitors?

We’ve prepared a checklist, so you know your rights as a consumer and you feel comfortable to ask the right questions if you’d like to chat to them.

Salespeople and your home

There are certain times that salespeople aren’t allowed to visit you at home:

  • Before 9am or after 6pm during the week.
  • Before 9am or after 5pm on Saturdays.
  • At all on Sundays or public holidays.

If a salesperson does visit you during allowed hours, you have certain rights and you can request they:

  • identify themselves with their full name and proof of identification
  • provide you with details about the organisation they’re representing
  • leave your property at any time if asked.

If you would like to speak with a salesperson, some good questions to ask are:

  • How do I cancel if I change my mind after you leave – can you provide a cancellation form?
  • How do the rates you’re offering compare to the published rates on your website?
  • If I call your company would I receive this same offer?
  • Can I have the details for your customer service department?
  • Have you recorded my consent or acceptance to any further contact?

Remember, Australians are entitled to a 10 business day cooling off period during which you can cancel an unsolicited sales contract without penalty.

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Only Good Knocks

If you’d prefer not to be bothered at all, AGL offers ‘Only Good Knocks’ stickers to display near your door – to help ensure that any visits are welcome ones.

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While we won’t turn up on your doorstep uninvited, we’re still here for you. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

If you have a bad experience with a door-to-door energy salesperson and would like to report deceptive or unlawful practices, get in touch with your state energy ombudsman.