When’s the best time to move house?

There are many considerations about when is the best time to move house. Here are some ideas to get those thoughts flowing.

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There are many considerations about when is the best time to move house. Here are some ideas to get those thoughts flowing.

There are lots of factors to take into account when you’re deciding when is the right time to move. It’s a very personal decision that you’ll need to think through carefully and discuss with your family. Here are some ideas to get those conversations started.

Time of year

Many people choose the right time of year to move based on the best time to sell their property. The house you’re selling might look at its best in the traditionally high demand real estate season of spring, for example, when new beginnings are in the air. Speak to your local real estate agents for an idea of how much properties in your area are selling for. Even seek an independent valuation to help in your decision to sell.

If selling a property isn’t a consideration for you, then you’ll be guided by when the right property comes up for sale or for rent.

Have a good look at your calendar as well to find times you’d like to avoid moving home. For example, the Christmas period is hectic enough without the added stress of moving. The end of the financial year or the start of a new school term might also add to your family’s workload.

You might also want to cross your fingers for dry, mild weather when your move does happen.

Time of life

Moving house is known as one of life’s most stressful events. Being as prepared for it as possible if what you should aim for.

After all, it’s a big change. So if you have some control over it, avoid it happening during other stressful times in your life. And if you’re moving just after having a baby or while changing jobs, seek support from family and friends to help avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Other family circumstances can play a big part in your decision, too. For example, if you have kids, consider how a move may affect their schooling. Or, ask yourself: what stage are they likely to deal well with a big transition?

Your finances are a major contributing factor in your decision to move. So sit down and do a realistic budget plan. You’ll then see what you can afford in living expenses and mortgage or rental payments before making any firm decisions.

Moving house is challenging no matter when it happens, but when you’re ready to go AGL can make it easier with power on the day you move in.