Interior decoration tips for updating your bedroom

Add some style to your bedroom with these affordable updates and turn your room into a sanctuary.

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If The Block has you dreaming of a divine new bedroom, we’ve got some affordable, achievable tips to create your very own oasis in no time.

Colour me calm

One of the simplest and most effective ways to moderate the mood of a room is through colour. In the bedroom, it’s easy. For just a small cost, you can swap out your bed coverings, pillowcases and cushions or replace a lampshade. Your colour palette is a personal thing, but if you’re swayed by current trends then choose soothing hues like mint and sage; or go bold with last year’s Pantone colour of the year, coral.

Plump up your bed

Most of us spend at least a third of our lives in bed. Make it beautiful. Pair your colour conversion with a refresh of your bedding. Think luxurious throws, quality bedspreads and plump cushions. It’s all about creating a relaxing place where you can get cosy with a good book. By layering up your bed coverings with fabrics like wool or faux fur, your bed becomes warm and toasty so you don’t have to rely so much on heating, too.

Smarten up the switches

Once you’re in bed, there’s nothing worse than having to get out again to switch off the light. Get the latest smart home technology working for you, with wifi-enabled light switches you can control from your phone or with a simple voice command (“Lights out!”). Or set up a lighting schedule that automatically turns the lights on when it’s time to wake up – a proven way to help fire up your neurons and get you moving.

Sync things up

Beyond smart switches, there are other ways you can make smart home technology work in your favour – all from the comfort of your bed. Imagine an icy cold winter’s morning. You wake up, but can’t bear getting out of bed because of the chill in the air. Use your croaky morning voice to turn on the heater – both in your bedroom and the living areas. While you’re at it, fire up your coffee machine using an app or your voice. Now, if only smart home technology could cope with “Bring me breakfast in bed”.

Invest in a ceiling fan

If the summer heat makes it hard to sleep at night, a ceiling fan is an affordable, energy-efficient way to keep things cool. Find a fan you can control with your smartphone, so you can get the air circulating and cool your room well before bedtime.

Watch the windows

Create a more energy-efficient bedroom with some simple swaps. To help reduce your heating bill, invest in good-quality window furnishings that insulate your room and keep the cold air out at night. When summer comes around, those same blinds can be drawn to block out the hot sun. While you’re at the windows, check the seals and close any gaps with caulk.

An arty update

While you’re at the op-shop or flea markets, why don’t you look out for a new piece of art to hang on the wall? Online marketplaces are fun to explore, too. Find a piece you love in colours that complement your bedroom’s new look. Then, instead of drilling holes in walls, you could try adhesive hooks or prop the artwork up on a shelf.

Tidying up

With minimalism proving so unsustainable for those of us leading busy, messy lives, it’s time to bring back some creative clutter. Scour your local op-shops for cute second-hand trinkets that make you smile. The good news? With so many people following Marie Kondo’s philosophy last year and donating boot-loads of stuff, you’re bound to find some gems.

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