Four ways to make your home more energy efficient

This infographic highlights how you can reduce your household energy use in just four easy steps.

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From fridges and freezers to lights and computers, energy powers just about every facet of Australians’ lives.

And while energy use is easy to overlook, a few small changes around the house could seriously reduce your energy consumption.

Home energy efficiency infographic


  1. Assumes a typical 400-500L fridge, using around 495kWh/year. Not having requisite space around the fridge could increase energy consumption by 15% – an additional 75kWh/year.
  2. Assumes Samsung UA24J4100 24-inch 61cm HD LED LCD TV used for three hours each day, consuming 66kWh per year.
  3. 30 watts difference between halogen and LEDs, based on six hours of use per day for 365 days, equals 65.7kWh in a year.
  4. Boiling 1.7L kettle uses 0.1583kWh of electricity.
  5. Based on 3000w dryer used for eight hours/week, and 5kw aircon unit run for six hours per day using 912.5kWh.
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Get in tune with your energy usage

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