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The future of space exploration is solar

Solar sails, used in the propulsion of spacecraft, are making an impact not just globally but at an interplanetary level.

Energy 3 min read
The best solar powered gadgets for the great outdoors

Have you been camping in the dark ages? Turn your holiday campsite into a home away from home with innovative solar gadgets.

Energy 3 min read
The Broken Hill solar plant breakdown

As AGL Energy’s solar power plant in Broken Hill starts to benefit homes and businesses in the local area, here's why it’s such a big deal.

Community 5 min read
Solar power in space: the final frontier

As a power source, solar can power our homes and businesses well as habitats and batteries on Mars. Here are some of the best inventions to help us explore beyond our planet.

Energy 3 min read
Knowledge is power

From Fitbits to Apple Watches, data is playing a bigger role than ever and increasingly becoming a part of the day-to-day use and production of energy.

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Solar power in the city

Increasingly, cities their surrounds are taking up solar in a number of ways. We round up some of the most exciting urban innovations.

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