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Seniors’ moment: how the elderly can embrace the internet

We didn’t all grow up ‘surfing the web’. Here’s how to help less tech savvy seniors connect to the internet and thrive online.

Your Home 3 min read
How objects in your home can interfere with your wi-fi signal

A lot can get between your best intentions and an interruption-free internet connection. Here’s how to remove the barriers – physical and technological – to faster Wi-Fi.

Your Home 6 min read
Getting online: the fastest route to wi-fi at home

It’s easy to get excited at the idea of connecting to wireless internet. But before you rush into it, take a deep breath and understand these essentials.

Your Home 6 min read
Stayin’ alive: seven phone charging hacks to enhance battery life

From the most effective charging techniques to on-the-go ways to power up your phone, here are seven tips to preserving your smartphone’s battery life.

Your Home 5 min read
A renter’s guide to choosing the best internet service

When moving out of home for the first time, or choosing to rent a house, deciding which internet service provider to go with is as important as electricity and water.

Your Home 6 min read
How to increase your home internet speed

Have you found yourself cutting in and out of meetings while working from home? Here's how to get your home internet up to speed.

Your Home 6 min read