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How to get started with AGL mobile plans

Did you know we now offer mobile phone plans? Here's how to get started.

Energy 7 min read
A self-powered sanctuary at home

Since having a solar battery installed, Darren and Louise have been able to reduce their energy bills and reliance on the grid.

Energy 7 min read
Kartik’s solar battery is making cents

AGL customer, Kartik is passionate about sustainability, family and having peace of mind about his energy bills.

Energy 6 min read
Innovation that helps make your life better

At AGL, we continue to innovate to create experiences that provide you choice, value and convenience.

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Take control of your heating and cooling system

Get more out of your heating and cooling system all year round.

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The future of energy efficiency

We explore future technology that is transforming how you can manage and save energy around the home.

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