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Cool energy savings: boost your budget with solar

Help manage your family budget by understanding when to use your favourite appliances.

Your Home 3 min read
Solar eclipse-ing fossil fuels

Solar energy is experiencing a stratospheric rise to acceptance in communities across Australia.

Energy 2 min read
Ensuring the success of utility-scale solar

AGL partnered with governments and communities to deliver Australia’s two utility-scale solar projects.

Community 3 min read
Solar power in space: the final frontier

As a power source, solar can power our homes and businesses well as habitats and batteries on Mars. Here are some of the best inventions to help us explore beyond our planet.

Energy 3 min read
Solar power in the city

Increasingly, cities their surrounds are taking up solar in a number of ways. We round up some of the most exciting urban innovations.

Energy 5 min read
Why Queensland is perfect for solar

Queensland is a great state for solar production, with high sunlight levels and longer days. There are few places around Australia that can make better use of the sun.

Energy 3 min read