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Why solar batteries are changing the landscape

Solar batteries have revolutionised the way we’re able to use and manage solar energy. But how exactly does an energy storage solution work?

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Five emerging technologies that will change the way you live

Whether you want to do more (or less) with the time you have, these emerging technologies are promising to get you there. 

Energy 4 min read
The future’s bright for solar home battery owners

Whatever your reasons for investing in a home battery system, there are ways to get more out of your battery and unlock even more value.

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How history leads the way with these inspiring solar inventions

Inspiration from the past has always been the way to move forward. This is true about almost anything in history - and now, solar energy.

Energy 7 min read
Six technologies that made the world a better place

Not all technologies are created equal – here are six whose contribution to our world as we know it is worth recognising.

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Increase your property’s value by boosting its energy rating

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency pays dividends, increasing property value by as much as 9.4%. Here’s how, with AGL’s energy efficiency tips.

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