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5 tips to help you find your next home

How to choose the right property when it's time to find a new home to move into.

Your Home 8 min read
Increase your property’s value by boosting its energy rating

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency pays dividends, increasing property value by as much as 9.4%. Here’s how, with AGL’s energy efficiency tips.

Your Home 5 min read
How to make the most of your solar power

Learn how to make the most of solar power when you are at work, stuck in traffic or running errands.

Energy 4 min read
Looking after your solar panels: A lifetime of tailored energy

Learn how a tailored solar system is a long-term energy solution that provides unparalleled benefits for you and can save you money.

Energy 5 min read
Door knocking at home: a guide to your rights

Not sure what to say to salespeople who turn up at your home? We’ve prepared a checklist, so you know your rights and feel confident to ask the right questions.

Your Home 3 min read
Let’s look through the energy efficient window

Help reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs by making your windows more energy efficient, thanks to these tips.

Your Home 6 min read