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Five ways to create a smart home

Smart home upgrades enhance your household safety, cleaning, cooking, and entertainment. Here's how to enjoy the benefits of the latest game-changing tech.

Your Home 6 min read
Surprising ways to simplify your life with technology

Simplifying your life may help you to save more time and energy for the things you enjoy.

Your Home 5 min read
Minimalist technology hacks to declutter your life

Is technology controlling you, rather than you having control over it? It may be time to declutter your life and enter digital minimalism.

Your Home 6 min read
How objects in your home can interfere with your wi-fi signal

A lot can get between your best intentions and an interruption-free internet connection. Here’s how to remove the barriers – physical and technological – to faster Wi-Fi.

Your Home 6 min read
Digital housekeeping: seven little tech chores you should be doing

With all the time we spend on the internet, it only makes sense that we clean up after ourselves.

Your Home 4 min read
Getting online: the fastest route to wi-fi at home

It’s easy to get excited at the idea of connecting to wireless internet. But before you rush into it, take a deep breath and understand these essentials.

Your Home 6 min read