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What will the connected home look like in 10 years?

The connected home of the future isn't just about the convenience of appliance control; it's about playing it smart when it comes to energy efficiency.

Your Home 5 min read
Genius uses of solar power

Learn how solar power is used in creative and innovative ways, and how people have taken solar power one step further.

Energy 6 min read
How history leads the way with these inspiring solar inventions

Inspiration from the past has always been the way to move forward. This is true about almost anything in history - and now, solar energy.

Energy 7 min read
The connected car of the future

With automotive technology advancing at 100km an hour, the car of the future is just around the corner.

Energy 3 min read
The global domination of solar energy begins

While Australia is known for its sunshine, there are many countries taking more advantage of this resource with astounding results.

Energy 5 min read
Ensuring the success of utility-scale solar

AGL partnered with governments and communities to deliver Australia’s two utility-scale solar projects.

Community 3 min read