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Taking care of business with AGL Gas

What does the arrival of AGL Gas in Perth mean for your small business? Competitive deals, convenient payment options and 24/7 service are just the beginning...

Your Work 2 min read
Know how to give your gas hot water system a onceover?

We’ve all heard the hot tip about servicing your gas heater before every second winter. But what’s the maintenance rule-of-thumb when it comes to heating your H2O?

Your Home 5 min read
Your go-to guide for gas heater servicing

Gas is a great choice for keeping costs down. But how often should you service your gas heating appliances? Stay safe with gas all year round with these maintenance tips.

Your Home 6 min read
Gas or electric? Making smart energy choices for your home

The choices you make when building or renovating a home - like deciding between gas or electric for your hot water and cooking - will affect both your lifestyle and your energy bills.

Your Home 5 min read