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How smart is the solar Smart Plan?

From how it works to how it helps you save, here are the smartest features of the solar Smart Plan.

Energy 2 min read
The Broken Hill solar plant breakdown

As AGL Energy’s solar power plant in Broken Hill starts to benefit homes and businesses in the local area, here's why it’s such a big deal.

Community 5 min read
Ensuring the success of utility-scale solar

AGL partnered with governments and communities to deliver Australia’s two utility-scale solar projects.

Community 3 min read
Why Queensland is perfect for solar

Queensland is a great state for solar production, with high sunlight levels and longer days. There are few places around Australia that can make better use of the sun.

Energy 3 min read
The different sides of sustainability

Sustainability means thinking about the responsibilities we have to our employees, customers, investors, communities and the environment we operate in.

Community 2 min read
How natural gas gets to you in WA

From extraction to travelling over 1,500 kilometres to your home or business in Perth, we take a look at the journey of natural gas in WA.

Energy 2 min read