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Making it easier for Victorians to understand electricity pricing

AGL is committed to making the process of buying energy easy and transparent for you - and standing by to support you.

Energy 7 min read
How to reduce the risk of electric shocks at home

Australia has high electrical safety standards, but there's a lot more that can be done. Here’s how to reduce risk at home.

Your Home 6 min read
Why Queensland is perfect for solar

Queensland is a great state for solar production, with high sunlight levels and longer days. There are few places around Australia that can make better use of the sun.

Energy 3 min read
Gas or electric? Making smart energy choices for your home

The choices you make when building or renovating a home - like deciding between gas or electric for your hot water and cooking - will affect both your lifestyle and your energy bills.

Progress 5 min read
Being prepared for a power outage

Crazy weather, car accidents - even curious critters. As unavoidable as they are unpredictable, they’re just some of the more common reasons behind power outages.

Your Home 6 min read