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How electricity pricing in Victoria works

At AGL, we’re committed to making energy fairer. We're here to help you understand the Victorian Default Offer and how it compares.

Energy 5 min read
Making it easier for Victorians to understand electricity pricing

AGL is committed to making the process of buying energy easy and transparent for you - and standing by to support you.

Energy 7 min read
Meet the experts: Finding the right solar solution for you

Considering solar is an investment not unlike buying a car, where you tend to follow the right channels. Getting the most out of your solar solution is vital.

Energy 6 min read
What you need to know about energy discounts

Confusing discounts, complex jargon and more energy options than you could imagine. Here’s some simple truths about an overly complicated market.

Energy 7 min read
Door knocking at home: a guide to your rights

Not sure what to say to salespeople who turn up at your home? We’ve prepared a checklist, so you know your rights and feel confident to ask the right questions.

Your Home 3 min read
Affordable energy is in everyone’s interest

Making energy affordable is an important issue, so we support the Government’s commitment to deliver a fair and transparent market.

Energy 3 min read