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Jobkeeper and COVID-19 resources: where can businesses find help?

With the current restrictions on non-essential business activities, businesses are in the middle of a very uncertain time. So, where can business owners find help?

Your Work 10 min read
What is bill smoothing? Easy English

This article is about one way AGL can help provide payment support, via something called bill smoothing.

Energy 3 min read
What is a concession for gas and electricity? Easy English

Did you know Government concessions can help pay your bill? This article explores some of these options.

Energy 3 min read
Manage your energy when and where it suits you

24-7 service is now a need, not a want. When the technology's there, we expect to manage our lives at a time that suits us.

Energy 5 min read
How electricity pricing in your state works

We're committed to making energy more affordable and easier to understand. We're here to help you understand the Default Market Offer and how it compares.

Energy 5 min read
Making it easier to understand electricity pricing in your state

We're committed to making the process of buying energy easy and transparent for you. Discover more reasons why it pays to be with AGL.

Energy 8 min read