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Understanding the 5-star energy rating system

Energy ratings aren’t as simple as ‘five-star is good and one-star is bad’. AGL explains how to understand them better to help you save energy.

Your Home 8 min read
7 ways to efficiently heat your home in winter

Portable fan heater or oil-filled old-school? As the nights get colder and you start weighing up energy-efficiency and cost, here’s a rundown of seven common types of heaters.

Your Home 4 min read
Infographic: Four ways to make your home more energy efficient

Reduce your household energy use in just four easy steps.

Your Home 4 min read
The real cost of running your home’s appliances

Looking at the bigger picture when buying a new appliances can help save you more on your home's gas and electricity bills in the long term. We investigate why.

Your Home 6 min read