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How changes to electricity pricing in your state will affect you

For some time now, we've offered low-rates, fixed for two years. Discover more reasons why it pays to be with AGL.

Energy 8 min read
How changes to electricity pricing in Victoria will affect you

The way you buy energy is changing. AGL is committed to making these changes easy and transparent for you - and standing by to support you.

Energy 7 min read
Soaring senior’s surprise call

Meet Margaret; an exuberant senior from southern Sydney. She’s just received a surprise call from AGL which will see her jet across the globe.

Community 3 min read
Tips for a top day out in Perth with AGL Rewards

From wilderness wandering to wine-tasting, from dining with a view to skipping cinema queues, with AGL Rewards you can choose your own adventure in the city of lights.

Community 4 min read
Reap the rewards from everyday spending with loyalty programs

Thanks to loyalty programs, spending hard-earned dollars on everyday purchases has never been more rewarding. But what's the best way to get bang for your buck?

Community 6 min read