What is a concession for gas and electricity? Easy English

Did you know Government concessions can help pay your bill? This article explores some of these options.

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Did you know there are Government concessions designed to help with paying your bill?

If you have one of the below concession cards, you might be eligible to get a concession –or discount – on your bills.

  • Health Care Card
  • Pensioners Card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs or DVA Card.

Alternatively, if you don’t have one of the above concession cards, you still might be able to benefit from the below:

  • Annual Electricity Concession – this makes your electricity bill cheaper all year.
  • Winter Gas Concession – this makes your gas bill cheaper from 1 May to 31 October.
  • Transfer Fee Waiver – helps connect electricity when you move house.
  • Controlled Load Concession – this makes your bill cheaper if you use electric hot water.
  • Slab Heating – Some houses use energy to make floor tiles warm.

Each state has different concessions, so it’s worth checking what you’re eligible for here.

It also might be worth contacting your provider to find out if you can get a cheaper energy offer. This is another way to help you save money on your energy bills.

What other concessions could you get?

Non-Mains Energy Concession

In Victoria, if you heat your house with gas or firewood, you might be able to get the Non-Mains Energy Concession.

To get the Non-Mains Energy Concession, you must fill out a form from the Department of Health and Human Services or your bottled gas supplier. If you use firewood, be sure to keep a copy of your firewood receipts.

Medical Cooling concession

The Medical Cooling concession helps with your electricity bills from 1 November to 30 April. You can get help to cool your house in summer if you have a medical condition such as:

  • Multiple Sclerosis, or
  • Motor Neurone Disease.

Life Support concession

If you or someone in your home depend on life support equipment, you might be able to benefit from the Life Support Concession. This helps pay for energy for life support equipment. Life support equipment helps with serious health problems like:

  • Dialysis machine for kidney problems,
  • Oxygen concentrator to help you breathe, or
  • Positive Airways Pressure device (PAP).

To learn more about how AGL can assist with life support concessions, please visit this page or get in contact with us on 131 245.

How to check your concessions

Once your concession has been validated, it will be applied to your bill. You also need to contact us if anything changes to make sure your concession is still valid and applied correctly. For example:

  • If you get a new concession card,
  • If you move to a new house, or
  • If your phone number changes.

Or you can always call AGL (131 245) to discuss what options work best for you.

Learn more about concessions with our downloadable Easy English guide.


This article is part of our series highlighting the availability of AGL’s Easy English guides which are designed to assist our culturally and linguistically diverse customers across Australia to have better access to information about their energy accounts.