Take control of your heating and cooling system

Get more out of your heating and cooling system all year round.

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Whether you’re soaking up the sun or cosying up through the winter, heating and cooling is a necessity for year-round comfort.

Depending on where you live, heating and cooling can account for 20% to 50% of energy used in your home. With more people spending time at home, smart decisions around heating and cooling your home can help reduce your monthly bills.

Whatever your system is, check out these simple tips to keep your heating and cooling system operating efficiently all year round.

Six tips for managing your heating and cooling system

  1. Choose the right temperature. To maximise your energy savings, set your heating between 18 and 20 degrees in winter or your cooling between 25 and 27 degrees in summer.  As a general guide, every degree above 20 degrees can increase your energy usage by 10%.
  2. Regularly clean your heating or cooling unit. Filters tend to collect dust and other particles which may reduce effectiveness over time.  Check your owner’s manual for recommended cleaning instructions.
  3. Switch to auto mode if available. This function allows your unit to maintain the desired temperature and will keep the fan running for the least amount of time, at the slowest speed to save energy.
  4. Direct your air-conditioner louvers based on the season. When heating your home, direct your louvers downward, or flip them upwards in summer to cool your home.  This can help air to circulate because hot air rises, and in summer this acts in reverse which helps improve energy efficiency.
  5. Consider getting your heating and cooling unit serviced. Check your owner’s manual as some manufacturers recommend getting your unit serviced every one to two years. This can help keep it running as energy efficiently as possible. It may also avoid costly repairs down the track if an issue is detected early.
  6. Consider a smart device like Sensibo Sky. It’s an easy to install device that can help you manage your reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner, or heat pump through an app on your smart phone.


An efficient heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling systems come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small window units suitable for a single room, to reverse-cycle split-system air conditioners designed to cool and heat an entire home.

If you live in the southern and eastern states of Australia, you’ll know what it’s like to feel both the chills in winter and the scorching hot sun in summer. That’s why the words, ‘reverse cycle air conditioner’ could be music to your ears.

Reverse-cycle split systems heat your home through embedded heat pump technology, absorbing heat from the outdoor air to warm the air inside. When in cooling mode, they absorb heat from inside your home and pump it outside, leaving your home cooler, making these systems an energy efficient solution for year-round comfort.

Smart home energy efficiency

Smart home devices are changing the way people manage energy and can save time around the home. They offer the potential to reduce your energy usage and save you time.

Sensibo Sky for example, is a smart device that can control your infrared remote-controlled reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner or heat pump in your home, via an App on your smart phone over Wi-Fi. Did someone forget to turn-off the air-conditioner again? With Sensibo you can turn off your heating/cooling from wherever you have internet access.

As well as automating your reverse split system remotely, you can monitor your energy usage and manage multiple split systems at once. Enjoy coming home to a cosy home and take more control of your home’s energy usage, making more time for the important things in life.


Brisbane local, Hayden Murray is one of many customers to try the Sensibo Sky. After spending more time at home, Hayden has been able to manage his energy with the touch of a button and optimise the temperature in his home, when and where it suits him.

“It was extremely easy to set up and I love the fact I no longer need the remote to turn on or adjust the AC”, says Hayden.


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