Why solar batteries are changing the landscape

Solar batteries have revolutionised the way we’re able to use and manage solar energy. But how exactly does an energy storage solution work?

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The evolution of solar batteries has revolutionised the way we’re able to use and manage solar energy. But how exactly does an energy storage solution work?

In Australia, owners of around 1.5 million rooftop solar systems now hold the power to decide exactly when and how to use their solar energy. And this shift comes down to solar batteries.

AGL Energy Storage Lead, Edward Lynch-Bell, has described the role of the solar battery as the “missing piece of the electricity distribution system”.

A feat of technical engineering, the solar battery fits seamlessly into an existing solar system that it’s often easy to forget the magnitude and power of this deceptively simple energy storage solution.

What is a solar battery capable of?

A solar battery stores electricity produced by solar panels. An inverter then converts the electricity from the home battery (DC power) into the current used by household appliances (AC power). Without a solar battery, excess energy is sent off to the grid – meaning your home can only take advantage of the solar power as it’s being produced – and not later in the day (or more importantly, night).

When you invest in a storage solution, the solar energy produced can be used as and when it’s needed – whether the sun’s shining or not – in order to meet your home’s energy needs, and to help reduce bills. The electricity stored within a home battery also works as a back-up in the event of a power outage, meaning crucial appliances can be kept running.

How batteries work in your home

The scope of power

AGL was the first Australian energy retailer to announce the launch of their battery solutions in May 2015. Their game-changing technology allows homeowners to choose from two different battery sizes – the Sunverge SIS 11.6 and Sunverge SIS 19.4 – to fit with an existing solar system or with a new installation. The Sunverge models provide 11.64 kWh and 19.4 kWh respectively.

The capacity and duration of battery power depends on the household’s consumption. The smaller solution will last anywhere between 3–9 hours, depending on household consumption. The range of batteries has the ability to charge from both the grid and a solar system, making sure power storage can always be achieved.

What does this mean for you?

The solar battery revolution means that Australian homeowners have now been given the opportunity to be proactive with their home energy management. As solar batteries provide stored energy to the whole home, Aussie households can now consume 100% of the solar energy produced.

AGL energy storage solutions let you use more of your solar when you need it, not just when it’s produced. This means you can use your solar during high-demand periods and help to avoid paying peak tariff prices.

The power of the solar battery is really at our fingertips. The generation, storage and consumption of energy with an AGL energy storage solution can be managed through web-enabled devices. That means easy access to solar and storage performance information, a reassurance of savings and long-term insights for further improving energy savings. Put simply, it’s an exciting time to invest in renewable energy.