Save energy and become energy efficient: Easy English

Most people use more energy during summer and winter. This story includes some ways to become more energy efficient.

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Most people use more gas or electricity during winter when they need to heat their house, or in summer when things like air conditioners are used more often.

This story includes some ways to become more energy efficient at home.

What uses energy?

Appliances like a TV can use energy when they are in ‘standby mode’. Standby mode is when the TV is plugged into the wall and switched on, but the TV is off.  You might even see a small coloured light on the TV, which means the TV is getting power from the wall plug but you’re not using it.

If you can safely switch your TV off at the wall, you’ll stop using standby power, helping you to save energy and money.

Saving energy

There are little things you can do to help save energy. For example, if you’re not using the washing machine and you can safely reach the wall switch, turn it off at the wall. That way it’s not using any standby power.

Heaters and air conditioners can also use a lot of energy. You can save energy by keeping the temperature in your home between 18 and 20 degrees in winter or between 24 and 27 degrees in summer. If you can, try to only heat or cool the room you’re using.

Ceiling fans might also help cool a room during warmer months and in winter they could help heat a room. They do this by rotating backward and pushing the air down to floor level instead of staying at ceiling height.

A couple of other things you can do to try to help save energy is check doors and windows are properly sealed around the edges. This could help stop the draft of warm or cool air sneaking in. One way to help with the draft under doors is to get some door snakes, these will help stop the air flow.

Another tip is to have shorter showers. Using hot water can use a lot of energy, so try to have a 3-4-minute shower. You can time your showers using an egg timer or if you listen to the radio, shower for one full song.

In nice weather, try to hang your washing outside, instead of using a dyer. This might also help you save energy and money.

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