Owning your energy generation

Solar panels, batteries and electric cars are helping Aussies take their energy use into their own hands.

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Distributed energy resources like solar panels, batteries and electric cars are helping Aussies take their electricity usage into their own hands while benefiting the community.

For over 100 years, the way we powered Australia has remained relatively the same. Large coal, gas-fired and hydro generators produced electricity that was passed along to our workplaces and homes to keep the lights on and the machines running.  

However, over the past 15 years, there’s been an energy innovation. Across the world, new technologies are creating more connected homes, and we Aussies are playing a huge role in it.  

Australia leads the charge

Here in Australia, we’ve been at the forefront of this technological evolution. We have the highest uptake of rooftop solar PV in the world, with over 30% of Australian homes generating energy through solar power.  

Unfortunately, compared to global numbers, our adoption of electric cars has been relatively modest, but government policy has the potential to boost this.  

These localised energy sources (solar panels, solar batteries and electric cars) are called Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).  

DER revolution: the future of our energy market

The Australian Energy Market Operator predicts the amount of energy generated and stored by households will double or even triple by 2040. Most of that growth will come from solar batteries.  

That’s where AGL’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) comes in – a community-based solution that helps reduce pressure on the grid.  

So how does it work? Through cloud-based technology, the VPP connects solar batteries so they can communicate with each other. In peak usage periods, extra solar energy stored in the batteries that’s not needed is pulled from the batteries and fed into the grid – reducing the community’s reliance on coal-powered energy.  

And this doesn’t just benefit the planet but your wallet too. AGL will pay you for feedback back into the grid via the VPP.  

It's time for our energy market to adapt to maximise the benefits of DERs. This will help improve the reliability and affordability of the energy network.

DERs are giving Aussies more control over their energy, enabling them to contribute to a greener solution.  

The challenges

Whilst current efforts to reduce costs and pressure on the grid are important, we need more. We need options that support customers in managing their energy supply at the lowest cost – benefitting you and the broader grid.  

According to some estimates, proper integration and orchestration of DER could save billions in the period to 2050 – that’s a lot of bang for your buck.

For this savings dream to become reality, electricity networks will have to improve infrastructure and innovative businesses will need to provide products to allow for even greater use of solar, batteries and electric vehicles.

Join the DER revolution

We’ve been helping pave the way for more connected homes and communities with solutions such as the VPP. Households like Darren and Louise’s already love the VPP and its many benefits.  

You can join them too. Buying an EV, installing a solar panel or solar battery are all steps towards maximising the benefits of the DER. 

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Join our network of solar batteries

Joining the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) helps everyday Aussies maximise the benefits of the DER.

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