Meet the experts: Finding the right solar solution for you

Considering solar is an investment not unlike buying a car, where you tend to follow the right channels. Getting the most out of your solar solution is vital.

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When you buy a car, you tend to follow the right channels to ensure you’re not sold a dud. Considering solar is an investment not unlike a small car, getting the most out of your solar solution is vital.

Understanding the different payment options, how you harness the most of the solar energy you create, and how you maintain the system for years of renewable energy are all part of why you should choose a solar expert when making up your mind. Here, we introduce you to AGL’s experts in solar to ensure you get the right solution.

Getting the right solution for you

Finding the perfect solar solution is more than just finding the panels and inverter that match your lifestyle and energy usage – it’s actually a four-step approach which is offered by AGL.

1. Find the right team

Finding a team that truly understands solar will help you find the perfect solution. The right team will ask the right questions about your budget, needs and lifestyle, And at AGL, they invest in their teams who invest in their customers.

Meet Zara, AGL’s solar Direct Sales and Business Development Manager. Zara has handpicked her team to ensure they deliver tailored solutions for all AGL solar customers.

“Together with my teams, we work to bring AGL’s philosophy to life – -we provide smart and tailored solutions for our customers, now and also for the future.

“Understanding the needs of each individual customer and ensuring they’re provided with value is important,” she adds. “We do this by educating and supporting them throughout their solar journey with AGL – this is our key focus as solar experts.”

2. Ensure the company is reputable

In Australia, new solar companies are opening (and closing) on a regular basis, so choosing a trusted company with quality products who will partner with you for the length of your solar system contract is vital.

“With performance warranties of 25 years, you need to be sure you invest with a solar provider that will support you should you need a hand in years to come – AGL has been around for 177 years. We will be here to take care of our customers for a long time yet.”

Understanding the needs of each individual household and ensuring customers are provided with value is important.
- Zara, AGL Solar Direct Sales & Business Development Manager

3. End-to-end management for peace of mind

By choosing a solar solution from AGL, you’ll be guided through the process end-to-end. Our experts will explain everything you need to know including installation, warranties, payment options and maintenance.

From July 2015, there is also be real-time solar monitoring. This technology ensures solar performance is maximised and notifies you when performance is interrupted or maintenance is required.

“This coupled with our solar service product gives our customers peace of mind,” Zara says. “With our long and trusted history, you know we will also continue to partner with you for future energy needs.”

4. Seek out a personalised approach

Zara and her team of solar experts take the time to delve into each customer’s usage patterns to find the right personalised solution, advise the payback period of the proposed system and even recommend better ways to manage energy usage.

“It’s important our customers understand how solar works, and how it can help them.

“We work to ensure all variables are discussed so there are no surprises on the day of installation, which can often be the case out in the marketplace.  We also have a team of experienced customer service representatives who can help over the phone or via our web chat service.”

Every customer, every household, every roof space is different – so partnering with AGL’s solar energy experts will ensure you get solar done right.