Making it easier for Victorians to understand electricity pricing

AGL is committed to making the process of buying energy easy and transparent for you - and standing by to support you.

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The Victorian State Government introduced the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) to make energy prices more affordable for Victorians.

Whether you’re on the VDO or a market contract plan, the price of your electricity depends on your usage, the distribution zone you live in and your tariff type.

AGL is committed to making your energy plan easy to understand. We’re standing by to help you understand how your plan compares with the default price and other AGL market rates.

We’ve got you covered

For customers on either standing offers or market contracts, we’re required to say how your electricity prices compare to the VDO.

If you’re on AGL market contract rate, you can ask to switch to our standard retail contract on the default price at any time. Or you can choose to switch to another AGL contract energy plan.

Depending on your circumstances, an energy plan may give you better value for money than the default price.

Comparing your options

There are a number of ways we help you weigh up your options and choose the best value plan for your home or business.

We no longer offer discounts on new plans for customers who pay by direct debit or on time. These discounts often cause confusion around the rate you’re paying for electricity. So we’ve simplified by offering plans with low rates, making it easier for you to compare your options and pick the deal that suits you best.

Comparing electricity plans

Learn how to use the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) reference price to compare electricity plans.

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We also provide you with this information on your bill. If another plan can save you more, based on your usage pattern, we’ll let you know. If you’re already on the best plan for you, we’ll let you know that too. And we’ll continue to make it easy for you to pay your bills and manage your account online.

Taking control of your energy usage

AGL offers a range of services to help you monitor your energy usage.

For a residential customer with a smart meter and eBilling, AGL Energy Insights is a free service that can help you see where savings can be made by breaking down your electricity bill. It uses weather information, data from your smart meter and information from your Home Profile (if you complete one) to estimate how much power your home uses for things like heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration and laundry.

Your AGL My Account and the AGL Energy app can provide you with up-to-date information on your energy usage and charges. You can compare your usage patterns across different billing periods and if you have a smart meter, you can also track your electricity usage and costs within a billing period. Further, you can access self-service meter reads, download and store your bills, make payments and receive alerts when bills are due.

As an AGL customer, you can take more control of your bill by choosing the way you pay, with options to suit everyone.

Lighting up leisure time with loyalty rewards

At AGL, we go beyond helping you get the best deal on electricity for your home or business.

We continue to thank our customers with a range of great deals – from shopping, food and groceries and more – get great offers from some of Australia’s favourite retailers. Log in to My Account to register for AGL Rewards and see what’s on offer.

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