Helping the Salvos shine brighter with solar

We’ve partnered with The Salvation Army to deliver solar systems, helping them to lower their energy costs so they can do more for vulnerable communities.

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We’ve partnered with the Salvation Army to deliver solar energy systems at up to 850 Salvos sites across Australia. It’s an investment in sustainable energy, but more importantly frees up funds to help vulnerable Australians.

We’re excited about this game-changing new partnership with one of Australia’s oldest and most respected charities that’s a cornerstone of community outreach. Along with life-changing essentials like food, clothing and shelter, they offer services to empower people with skills and resources to improve their lives.

This focus on a sustainable future for people aligns with our vision when it comes to renewable energy, and we saw a great opportunity to partner with them to help our community.  

Drawing on our resources and expertise in energy, we found a way to make a difference that wasn’t just a once off, but a more long-term sustainable approach: solar power for Salvos sites. 

Chief Customer Officer, Christine Corbett said AGL is proud to be powering The Salvation Army’s journey towards decarbonisation. 

"By installing low emission technology like solar we are creating affordable solutions so the Salvos can do what they do best and direct their resources to those in our communities who need it most,” Christine said.

We’re helping to reduce the Salvos’ operating costs with solar power, including installation and ongoing monitoring and management. It’s something tangible that will make a long-term difference. And while we help reduce The Salvation Army’s reliance on grid power, we’re also contributing to our own sustainability mission. 

Making a contribution that lasts

We’ll be rolling out the project over the next couple of years at up to 850 sites across Australia, including trials of batteries and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at selected Salvation Army sites. 

The solar installations are expected to generate around 23 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy per year, the equivalent of reducing the Salvos’ annual greenhouse gas emissions by around 17,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.1 

Once connected, the selected Salvos sites will only need to access grid power to supplement energy from their solar systems. AGL are reinvesting some of the funds generated by the solar systems into our Staying Connected Program for financially vulnerable customers, so the benefits stay within the community.

Salvos Solar

Positive news at the right time

At a time when so many households have been affected by COVID-19, much of those resources can be directed to helping households with everything from basic needs to financial counselling and mental health support. 

The work of the Salvos has never been more important as Australians are managing the impacts of the pandemic and we want to support this work by being the power that sits behind them”, Christine said.  

Shared vision for our community

When it comes to a vision for the future, we’re on the same page with The Salvation Army. That’s why this partnership feels so rewarding. Two organisations, one powering communities, the other empowering them, both with a focus on progress and a better life for everyone. 

The Salvation Army’s Chief Secretary, Colonel Winsome Merrett says they couldn’t have even contemplated doing this without AGL taking on the capital costs and supporting through the operational years. 

“Substantial savings on running costs frees up additional funds for caring for vulnerable Australians. So, we are sincerely grateful to the commitment shown by AGL to set us on a more sustainable path across Australia as we care for people and our planet,” Colonel Winsome Merrett said. 

1.Based on the displacement of the equivalent amount of power being purchased from the grid at FY21 state-based intensities. Carbon emission reductions and energy cost saving figures are based on estimates and exact figures will depend on energy usage and weather conditions. 


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