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When you choose to go carbon neutral, you’ll be supporting offset projects that help balance out carbon emissions around the world.

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We all want to help provide a better, more sustainable future not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones. By choosing carbon neutral options you’re supporting projects that help offset emissions around the world.

Australia is taking steps towards an affordable, low emissions energy future – delivered by renewable sources and flexible energy storage. One way we can help is by working together to achieve carbon neutrality.

In 2020, Australia’s carbon emissions dropped by 5% over the previous year. While that’s a step in the right direction, we all still need to keep working together to minimise or offset the carbon we use in everyday life.

Carbon neutral

We all have a part to play in creating a more sustainable future together, and our certified carbon neutral products make it easier to help make a difference.

“I’m so proud so many of our customers have chosen to join us in shaping a more sustainable future by signing up to carbon neutral,” says Christine Corbett, Chief Customer Officer at AGL.

Carbon neutral options are now available across all our products including Climate Active certified electricity, gas, mobile, internet, residential solar and battery products.

“We refreshed our carbon commitments just over a year ago, and we’ve already made significant progress on these commitments, including offering carbon neutral options across all our products and continuing to invest in new sources of electricity supply, says Christine.”

What is carbon neutrality?

Carbon neutrality is when the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere is the same as the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere.

This can be achieved in a few different ways. One is organically through natural ‘carbon sinks’, such as soil, plants and oceans, that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The more of these natural tools we have, the more they can help us work toward carbon neutrality.

Carbon offsetting explained

Another way to help work toward carbon neutrality is carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting is when people or organisations invest money into projects or initiatives focused on working toward carbon neutrality.

These projects can include everything from creating and implementing renewable energy or energy efficient tools and resources to introducing clean energy practices in developing countries.

This funding is generally achieved through the purchase of carbon offset credits. People or organisations buy internationally recognised credits that help fund the projects.

So how does going carbon neutral with AGL work?

When you choose one of our certified carbon neutral options, you’ll be supporting offset projects that help balance out the carbon emitted by the supply, and in some cases use of your product. You’ll be making a difference not only here, but in other parts of the world that could use some help.

For example, you can add certified Carbon Neutral electricity to your existing AGL energy plan for just $1 a week, or to your existing AGL gas plan for just $0.50 a week. We calculate the emissions associated with your electricity and/or gas and purchase carbon credits from accredited projects to offset these emissions.

Our carbon neutral options are certified by Climate Active, one of the world’s most rigorous certifications.

Making a difference through carbon offsets

We have thoroughly researched projects to help determine which carbon credits we’ll purchase.

“We know that balancing quality and affordability is important to our customers,” says Nathan Galilee, Senior Product Manager, Carbon Neutral at AGL.

“So we only purchase eligible carbon offsets that meet the integrity requirements under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, which is backed by the Australian Government.”

One project we’ve helped fund is the Burn Jikokoa Stove Project in Kenya, which provides cleaner, safer cooking options for those in the African nation. Hydrologic’s Ceramic Water Purifiers Project (CWPP) in Cambodia is another initiative we’re supporting with the help of our certified carbon neutral products.

Kenya Jikokoa

Helping create a healthier, safer, more sustainable Cambodia

The CWPP’s mission is to ensure all families in rural Cambodia have access to safe, clean drinking water. This has been an issue in the country for decades, with untreated water and poor sanitation causing an estimated 10,000 deaths each year.

By installing ceramic water purifiers, Cambodians can have access to clean, safe drinking water without having to burn wood fuel to heat and sterilise water. This reduces the depletion of Cambodian forests – removing the use of carbon-emitting equipment while also preserving precious carbon sinks in the form of trees that help purify the air simply by remaining upright.

By eliminating dangerous indoor wood fires, the purifiers can also help reduce child mortality rates, improve maternal health and combat disease.

With the help of carbon offset funding from initiatives like AGL’s certified carbon neutral products, the CWPP has already helped nearly two million Cambodians access cleaner, safer drinking water.

Each year the project operates, it saves 90,000 tonnes of C02e (the equivalent of taking 36,000 cars off the road) based on 2016-17 data. And for every 1,000 carbon credits purchased to help fund the project, five hectares of Cambodian forests are saved.


How to get involved

We offer certified carbon neutral options on our mobile, internet, gas, electricity, solar and battery products – so you can enjoy your products knowing they support a more sustainable future for everyone. Learn more about our certified carbon neutral options today and help fund the next generation of sustainability.

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AGL offers certified Carbon Neutral options on our mobile, internet, gas, electricity and solar and battery products – so you can enjoy your products knowing they support a more sustainable future for everyone.

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