The future’s bright for solar home battery owners

Whatever your reasons for investing in a home battery system, there are ways to get more out of your battery and unlock even more value.

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Across Australia, more households are making the switch to rooftop solar panels and home battery storage.

Some people do it for environmental reasons, with a goal of using more renewable sources of energy. Others might have their sights set on taking control of their electricity bills.

Whatever your reasons, if you have invested in a solar battery, there are ways to do more with your battery and unlock even more value.

Support the grid

As an AGL customer and battery owner, you can participate in AGL’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program by connecting your existing battery.

The VPP is designed to help boost the stability and efficiency of our electricity grid for you and the community. It enables AGL to remotely manage your battery up to 30 times a year. This can include discharging stored energy to power your home (with the excess going to the grid), holding the charge or charging from your solar system or the grid.

Not only does this create a more reliable electricity grid, but as more virtual power plants are built, they can bring hundreds (even thousands) of batteries together to create a single source of controlled energy, dispatched to the grid when needed. This can help put downward pressure on electricity costs, benefiting everyone in the community.

Receive bill credits and save

The best bit is it’s easy to unlock your battery’s full potential. With new products like AGL’s VPP ‘Bring Your Own Battery’, you don’t need to install any new hardware.

We’ll digitally connect your existing battery and pay you up to $280 in bill credits over your first 12 months, simply for participating in our VPP program. This consists of a one-off $100 sign-up credit to put towards your AGL electricity bill, plus a $45 credit each quarter (or, $15 per month).

It’s an easy way to get more from your investment in battery storage while helping to boost energy reliability for everyone.

Back-up when you need it most

When you join the VPP and your battery is set-up to enable back-up power, you won’t be caught out in the dark. You will still have power during a blackout.

For example, if you have a 20% backup power reserve, we’ll make sure you get that power during an outage – and we’ll only override it if we get your agreement.

At AGL, rooftop solar panels, solar batteries and inverters are now available as an all-in one bundle.

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