Affordable energy is in everyone’s interest

Making energy affordable is an important issue, so we support the Government’s commitment to deliver a fair and transparent market.

Energy Progress
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At AGL, we’re embracing our responsibility to deliver competitive offers for customers that are easy to understand. We recognise that making energy affordable for everyone is an issue of national significance, and we wholly support the Government’s commitment to deliver a fair and transparent energy market for all Australians.

Deals that don’t need decoding

Energy offers should be easy for everyone to understand. We’ve contacted thousands of residential and business customers encouraging them to discuss their energy plans with us. It’s so important that all of our customers understand their plan options.

Energy deals that work for everyone

We know that some customers find it harder than others to pay their bills, and they should not lose out on discounts or benefits because of this. Our Staying Connected program ensures customers in financial difficulty get the support they need.

User-friendly facts

We believe customers should have clear, user-friendly fact sheets to compare and understand different products, and they should also include information on government concessions and grants available to assist eligible customers to pay their bill.

We also agree that energy offers should be easy to compare and customers should be aware of the impact of different deals. That’s why we worked with our government and industry to introduce measures to make this easier for you.

Increasing energy supply will be critical to reducing prices

To make energy prices more affordable, new investment in additional generation needs to be unlocked. After years of uncertainty, governments can provide this investment trigger by adopting all 50 Finkel recommendations, including the Clean Energy Target.

This is more important now than ever, as the decisions we make today will be the foundation of a future for Australia where energy is not only affordable, but also reliable and sustainable.