Manage your energy when and where it suits you

24-7 service is now a need, not a want. When the technology's there, we expect to manage our lives at a time that suits us.

Energy Progress
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Time is on my side, so said the Rolling Stones in 1964. Fast forward to the new millennium and we wait for nothing and nobody nowadays. 24/7 customer service is becoming a need, not a want.

We’re busy people; we work long hours and juggle hectic schedules along with kids and housekeeping. Connected to our mobiles and tablets 24/7, we hit the shops on weekends or online and multi-task our way through our days with swipes, waves, pin codes and apps.

We cram more into our days than in Mick Jagger’s heyday. So when the technology is there, we expect our busy lives to be managed from our fingertips at any time that suits us.

That’s why First Officer Trevor Elberg, a commercial pilot flying international routes, chooses AGL to be his energy provider.



‘I’ve been a pilot since 1989,’ says Trevor. He grimaces at the realisation that is 28 years ago. ‘I’m away from home on average about four days a week and at the moment I fly mostly to Bali or Fiji.’ But it’s not so glamorous.

Arriving home after days of flying, there’s no R&R for Trevor. With four children it’s straight into the demands of family life – including the home renovations which are taking forever, the lawns that grow faster every time he’s away and that work-required fitness regime…

Changing consumer needs

‘I’ve always been an AGL customer,’ Trevor says. But he didn’t always have children, he hasn’t always been renovating, and 10 years ago he didn’t have to put as much time into staying fit as he does now.

Over the years, AGL’s service has evolved with him. Because he’s often out of the country, Trevor finds the flexible service invaluable. ‘I can use their website on the iPad or laptop to pay my bills’, he says.

AGL’s online payment offering is supported by 24/7 phone and web chat. So customers can check account balances, query bills or even organise their electricity or gas connections at any time of the day or night. Which is helpful when Trevor is in a different time zone or managing his personal business late in the evening.

Another product, AGL’s Energy App, allows users to pay mobile-friendly e-bills on the go. It also offers the ability to track electricity usage (by the day, if you have a digital meter) and set usage alerts to avoid surprises, no matter which airport lounge or timezone you find yourself in.

AGL customers can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

So maybe the Stones were prophetic back in 1964. It actually does feel like time is on your side when you’ve got 24 hours in which to get everything done.

If you need to reach AGL, no matter the time of day, you can contact the team on 131 245.