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The future’s bright for solar home battery owners

Whatever your reasons for investing in a home battery system, there are ways to get more out of your battery and unlock even more value.

Energy 4 min read
How does solar battery storage work?

Solar panels are a great renewable energy source, but they only generate energy when the sun is shining. That's when a solar battery can help.

Energy 8 min read
How batteries are changing the way you manage your solar

AGL’s Virtual Power Plant is the next frontier for storing and using solar power.

Energy 7 min read
Why is electricity pricing changing in your state?

AGL is committed to making energy more affordable and easier to understand. We're here to help you understand the Default Market Offer and how it compares.

Energy 5 min read
How changes to electricity pricing in your state will affect you

For some time now, we've offered low-rates, fixed for two years. Discover more reasons why it pays to be with AGL.

Energy 8 min read
Why is electricity pricing in Victoria changing?

At AGL, we’re committed to making energy fairer. We're here to help you understand the Victorian Default Offer, how it compares with your current plan and other market rates.

Energy 5 min read