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Building a sustainable energy future together.

How to stay warm and save energy this winter

There are many simple ways to stay warm during the winter months, without spiking your energy bill.

Energy 7 min read
Energy saving tips: working from home with kids

In the current climate more Australians are working and schooling from home. So, what does this mean for your family's energy consumption?

Energy 5 min read
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When’s the right time to buy your child’s first mobile phone?

Buying your child’s first phone is a huge buying decision and there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Energy 5 min read
How to get started with AGL mobile plans

Did you know we now offer mobile phone plans? Here's how to get started.

Energy 7 min read
Helping the Salvos shine brighter with solar

We’ve partnered with The Salvation Army to deliver solar systems, helping them to lower their energy costs so they can do more for vulnerable communities.

Energy 5 min read
Meet the solar enthusiast who’s passionate about sustainability

Geoff loves the benefits of harnessing and using solar power at home. Since installing a solar battery he's become more mindful of his energy consumption.

Energy 7 min read
The Langmans’ passion for harnessing solar power

Since installing a solar battery, Adam's been able to rely on captured solar energy, which in turn, helps lower their electricity bills and reliance on fossil fuels.

Energy 7 min read
Building a more sustainable home with a solar battery

John and Christina are striving towards making their everyday a bit more sustainable with a solar battery.

Energy 7 min read