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Energy allows us to do incredible things. That’s why we’re committed
to making progress for our shared future.

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AGL is an Australian company that’s been powering households and businesses for more than 180 years, and we’re proud to be helping lead in Australia’s transition to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

We’re backing the technologies and innovations that will shape Australia’s future and committing to initiatives that make life better for our communities, our planet, and our customers.

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The Energy Within Australia

Cooking in Yiayia's kitchen

Helen Dedes is an AGL customer and features in our latest TV commercial. She shares her journey from Greek immigrant and former restauranteur to social media sensation.

Progress Your Home 8 min read
More than just a beer: the story of Young Henrys

Sydney brewing phenomenon and AGL business customer, Young Henrys, featured in our recent TV commercial and shared their story of progress.

Progress Your Work 5 min read
Ripe for innovation: a company reaping the benefits of progress

If you’re passionate about fresh food, there’s a good chance the fruit and vegetables in your kitchen were grown, packed or ripened by LaManna Premier Group.

Progress Your Work 7 min read

People powered progress

Shining a light on our people

For almost two centuries, AGL has been powering Australia. But our longevity, the essential services we provide, and the steps we’re taking into the future, are all down to our people.

Progress Published on The Hub
The father-son duo from AGL Torrens

AGL has a long and storied history in Australia – we’re 184 years old. And for many people, it’s almost a family business – just ask Jim and Jonathan Schroeter

Progress Published on The Hub
People-powered progress at Silverton

Broken Hill is one of the oldest cities in Australia. The Silver City has been a mining town for more than a century. And now, they're mining the wind.

Progress Published on The Hub

Powering Australians

How to safely save on energy when things hit a peak

Here are some easy ways to change your behaviour and reduce your energy usage in peak periods without compromising your standard of living.

Energy 7 min read
How to take control of your energy

Energy bills can be a source of unexpected surprises. Here’s how tools like Energy Insights, smart data and meter reads are helping to make things clearer.

Energy Progress 7 min read
Giving customers greater control with Energy Alerts

In an Australian-first for the energy sector, AGL is helping customers keep on top of their energy usage by enabling Energy Alerts through Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Progress 8 min read Published on The Hub
What does it mean to put customers first?

AGL is one of Australia’s oldest companies and as an essential service provider, we have a daily impact on our customers’ lives.

Progress 9 min read Published on The Hub

Generation and innovation

The future’s bright for solar home battery owners

Whatever your reasons for investing in a home battery system, there are ways to get more out of your battery and unlock even more value.

Energy 4 min read
Firm support for an evolving energy mix

We're Australia’s largest private developer of renewable energy assets, and we're well placed to be the biggest developer of the firming capacity we need to support that energy.

Progress 8 min read Published on The Hub
Spotlight on AGL's Hydroelectricity assets

AGL’s hydro assets generate electricity to meet peak customer demand, and its ability to respond to rapid changes in demand is extremely valuable.

Progress 8 min read Published on The Hub
A history fuelled by innovation

Proudly Australian for over 180 years, we’re committed to providing safe, sustainable and affordable energy.

Progress 8 min read Published on The Hub

Building a better energy future

How batteries are changing the way you manage your solar

AGL’s Virtual Power Plant is the next frontier for storing and using solar power.

Energy Progress 7 min read
Scalable solar: a solution for remote locations?

The bespoke Santos solar farm in Whyalla, SA that's big enough to power 500 Australian homes and families.

Progress 8 min read Published on The Hub
Electric vehicles and the broader energy ecosystem

The combination of EVs with renewable energy generation, presents a substantial opportunity to deliver emissions reductions in Australia.

Progress 6 min read Published on The Hub
Conducting an orchestra of solar and batteries

By 2025, about 150,000 residential battery systems will be installed and that provides a huge opportunity to change the way Aussies consume power.

Progress 3 min read Published on The Hub

Supporting our communities

A lifetime in generation

After 52 years in the power industry and an early retirement, Kevin Bennett is still a part of the Loy Yang AGL team at 70.

Progress 4 min read Published on The Hub
Supporting country women

Droughts are devastating. When our farmers do it tough, everyone hurts – farmers, families, towns.

Progress 5 min read Published on The Hub
Powering Pride in Gippsland

Three years ago, a rainbow lit up AGL Loy Yang’s large 110m cooling tower in support of the first ever Gippsland Pride Cup.

Progress 3 min read Published on The Hub
Giving back to the community

Volunteering – and giving back to the community more broadly – is an important value to AGL. It delivers positive social outcomes for the community.

Progress 5 min read Published on The Hub
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Six Australian innovations that changed the world

Some of the world’s important innovations have Aussie roots. From Wi-Fi to spray on skin, Australia is a nation of inventors.

Progress 4 min read
How your electric vehicle can support the grid

Electric vehicles provide a sustainable driving experience, but what happens when thousands plug into charge at the same time? Here’s how they can lend a hand to the grid.

Progress 7 min read
Why an electric vehicle subscription might be the new try-before-you-buy

Interest in electric vehicles is on the rise. But their perceived purchase and running cost may hold some people back. One possible solution? A car subscription.

Carbon offsetting explained

To reduce our carbon footprint, we can make small changes to our lifestyle and contribute to buying carbon offsets.

Progress 10 min read
Benefits of reducing your carbon footprint

The term "carbon footprint" has been around for years, but what does it mean? In a nutshell, it’s to do with the amount of carbon dioxide you generate as an individual.

Progress 4 min read
Five ways you can reduce your home’s carbon emissions

There are a few simple things you can do to help make a big difference in reducing the impact of your household’s carbon emissions.

Progress 8 min read