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How to stay warm and save energy this winter

There are many simple ways to stay warm during the winter months, without spiking your energy bill.

Energy 7 min read
Energy saving tips: working from home with kids

In the current climate more Australians are working and schooling from home. So, what does this mean for your family's energy consumption?

Energy 5 min read
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Owning your energy generation

Solar panels, batteries and electric cars are helping Aussies take their energy use into their own hands.

Energy 4 min read
The benefits of a two-way energy supply

What does a two-sided energy market mean, and how does it impact the way people use and pay for their power?

Energy 8 min read
Easing pressure on the grid: the potential of solar batteries

Research shows that the more people take up the opportunity to install solar batteries, the less reliant we’ll be on the power grid.  

Energy 5 min read
Driving towards greener roads with electric cars

Australia has the highest rate of solar uptake globally. Why then, when it comes to electric vehicles, are we lagging?

Energy 8 min read
When’s the right time to buy your child’s first mobile phone?

Buying your child’s first phone is a huge buying decision and there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Energy 5 min read
How to get started with AGL mobile plans

Did you know we now offer mobile phone plans? Here's how to get started.

Energy 7 min read