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How to save with Energy Coach

Energy Coach is an interactive tool that helps you trim your home energy bills without skimping on comfort. Answer some simple questions about your usage to get personalised energy-saving tips.

Energy 10 mins
How energy lights your home

The simple act of flicking a switch instantly lights a room – it would have been unimaginable a couple of hundred years ago.

Energy 7 min read
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How to increase your home internet speed

Have you found yourself cutting in and out of meetings while working from home? Here's how to get your home internet up to speed.

Your Home 6 min read
Moving home? six easy steps to hassle-free Wi-Fi

Life in a new home poses a fresh set of questions - many of which can be answered by the internet. With AGL, you can get your nbnTM plan up and running in no time.

Your Home 5 min read
A renter’s guide to choosing the best internet service

When moving out of home for the first time, or choosing to rent a house, deciding which internet service provider to go with is as important as electricity and water.

Your Home 6 min read
Seniors’ moment: how the elderly can embrace the internet

We didn’t all grow up ‘surfing the web’. Here’s how to help less tech savvy seniors connect to the internet and thrive online.

Your Home 3 min read
Working from home tips to save energy and maximise productivity

Have you made the transition to working from home? With these tips, you could save energy and maximise your productivity.

Your Work 7 min read
What the technology revolution means for the way you work

Technology and employee demands are changing the nature of how we work forever. So what does that mean for you?

Your Work 7 min read
How a business halved its energy consumption

When Corryong IGA decided to carry out an energy audit, surprising energy savings were revealed – and halved the small business’s energy usage.

Your Work 5 min read
Four simple tips to save electricity in your home office

Working from home? With these small business tips to save electricity, you can avoid your home office stretching your power bills.

Your Work 5 min read
The energy within Midsumma Festival

It’s no easy feat getting a festival off the ground. We speak to two people who put their heart and soul into making Midsumma a memorable one.

Community 4 min read
Living sustainably with the Valeri family

Former Melbourne Victory captain Carl Valeri and his wife Whitney discuss how they save energy in their home and encourage sustainable family practices.

Community 7 min read
Making a habitat a home for Adelaide’s giant pandas

Wang Wang and Fu Ni’s presence at Adelaide Zoo is more than an adorable sight for visitors – it’s an exercise in conservation, breeding and research.

Community Progress 5 min read